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Available now to rent short or long term for less than half the cost of a security guard!! RealGuard is not just a fully self-contained camera tower; it’s literally an on-site guarding service linking direct to licensed security officers at RealGuard’s remote guarding centre.

When RealGuard cameras detect movement at your site, live video is streamed via NextG wireless direct to our 24x7 remotely located security guards. They examine the scene, zoom in using the PTZ camera, and promptly challenge intruders over the RealGuard tower’s inbuilt PA speakers. If video is triggered by environmental or wildlife activity, our guards simply view and log the event – all part of the service. In other words, they do exactly what an on-site guard should do!! Plus its all recorded, book marked, evidentiary watermarked, audio recorded (most models), and easily available for independent audit.

Ideal for building sites, mines, equipment yards, council depots, event management, sporting events, graffiti control, or general outdoor surveillance – in fact almost anywhere where you would normally deploy security guards after hours.